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This journal is actually an attempt to detail the daily goings-on of one employee's experience in retail. In retail, you see it all: crazy customers, spoiled children, demanding bosses... the possibilities are endless. (as of 01/2007) childcare. I've taken a new job at a daycare center, which is a far cry from retail. I also completely abandoned this journal for a few months, thus completely overlooking the fact that I had another job in retail between the one I originally intended to record here and my current job.

Let me give you, the reader, some background information about the author and setting of this story*:
I, the author, work at an up-scale toy store in a suburban town made up of predominately rich white people a daycare center in a middle-lower class area, which is subsidized (meaning that some of the families who come to the center are unable to pay for child care, and thus the government pays for some/all of the expenses). My name is unimportant, nor does it matter where the story takes place. It could be anywhere. I am a part full-time employee with a college education, trying to earn some money before I move to "the big city" and begin my (real) career. I live at home and drive my own car. Those are really the only details you need about me.

*Because this is all true, names and important identifying characteristics have been changed.