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Cast of characters

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This is a list of some of the "regular" people I'll mention in future posts.

  • Amanda - one of my bosses, married to Rob, with whom she owns and manages the store. She is success-driven and even in the rare moments she's not physically in the store, she's still present. She is extremely friendly and knows absolutely everything about the store. She places all of the orders and is in charge of the layout of the store, so not only can she find every single toy we sell within seconds, she is also familiar with the toys we don't carry. Amanda and Rob have multiple children.

  • Rob - the other boss, married to Amanda, with whom he owns and manages the store. Rob is clearly second in command, but is also technically on the same level with Amanda. Rob used to have more of a "desk job," but he quit when they opened the store. He can be bossy and micro-managing, but mostly Amanda keeps him busy with random jobs.

  • Ruth - one of my co-workers for two days of the week; she is very pessimistic and one of her favorite things to talk about is how much she dislikes her job, Rob, and Amanda. Despite this fact, she has been employed their for over a year. She overuses her employee discount on a daily basis, and frequently is out "shopping" on the floor while I am behind the counter. She is stuffy and does not respond well to criticism, suggestions, or even direct orders.

  • Ann - the other woman that I work with the remaining days of the week; she is friendly and outgoing, and tries to be optimistic about everything. She has also been employed by A. and R. for about a year, but is agreeable, responds to suggestions, and is open to change and new ideas in a way that Ruth is not. Ann is happy to listen to me chatter (which I tend to do a lot, especially when it's slow), and carries on interesting conversation. Ann, like Ruth, is an older woman with grandchildren.

  • Emily - another college age girl who works two afternoons of the week, the afternoons when I go home early. She's very friendly and apparently a good worker, but I don't see her much, except for saying hello to her when she's coming in and I'm leaving.

  • Bethany - one of the (numerous) high school students who works in the afternoons when she gets off of school. She is scheduled many afternoons and occasionally Saturdays as well. She is competent and reliable, but smacks her gum loudly and is a little slow to help customers.

  • Matt - another of the high school students. Matt only works on Saturdays (and maybe Sundays, but I wouldn't know), but he is a lot of fun to work with and very friendly. He has been working there for over a year, but he knows where absolutely NOTHING is in the entire store. He does, however, wrap gifts faster than anyone I know.

  • Other characters will come and go throughout the story, but these are the main characters.
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