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Today, because I only worked a few hours, was relatively uneventful.…

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Today, because I only worked a few hours, was relatively uneventful.

About mid-morning, a woman came in with two little girls in tow, looking for birthday and Christmas presents, apparently for little boys. By the time she left the store, the woman had spent three hundred and thirty-three dollars. Three humongous sets of Legos, a book, and toys for the little girls, who by the end of her little shopping spree were so bored and frustrated that they were in tears.
Of note: she apparently wanted her son and her nephew (we learned such information from her loud cell phone conversation while standing at the counter) to have identical birthday presents, as she bought two identical sets of Lego soccer sets. Interesting.

As you can see, some days have good stories to write about, and some are rather uneventful. No matter; tomorrow is Friday, and Friday is always busy and eventful. Between the crazed mothers buying birthday presents for the Saturday parties and the horrid little middle school children who come in starting around 3pm, the "entertainment," if it can be called that, never ends.
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